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Year 40
May 28 - Aug. 6

Week Four




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Chat box Rules
The Cbox is a part of the myHogwarts website, and therefore, all users are expected to follow the rules. The same rules of myHogwarts apply in the Cbox.

Don't spam.
In the Cbox, any more than 2 posts in a row when nobody else is online/responding or any more than 3 posts in a row when someone else is responding is considered spam. If somebody you are talking to does not respond, they probably have not refreshed their Cbox! This means that if you post again, they still will not see it; please be patient.

Speak properly.
Remember we have members of all ages from all over the world, and it's easier to understand someone who talks plainly. Do not use ALL CAPS or ch@t sp33k, and try to avoid slang or shorthand. It's annoying and sometimes even offensive, and other members may not understand what you mean.
Use the same email and a consistent name.
We need to be able to associate your posts in the chat with your username in the forums. Please use the same email you registered your myHogwarts account with; if you no longer have access to that email, you need to let us know to update your account. You don't have to use your username, your real name or a nickname is fine, but these need to feature in your member title or signature on the board (Preferences - Update Profile) so they are readily associated with you. Please do not put things in brackets after your name unless you are a student leader or admin; this is how these members are quickly recognised.

Use appropriate language.
Not only is myHogwarts a family-friendly website with some young members, but the chat box is visible to guests too - it's completely public. Please use discretion when posting for both the content and language of your posts.
myHogwarts is an unofficial Harry Potter fan site. We do not claim to own any of the copyrights, trademarks, or registrars of or having to do with Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books and other trademarks are by Ms. Joanne Kathleen Rowling, Little Literacy Agency, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Arthur A. Levine, & Warner Brothers. All rights reserved. myHogwarts' layout was designed and created by Jess. Please email us with any questions or concerns.