Year 44
May 27th - Aug. 5th





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Founded in 2007, myHogwarts is an interactive Harry Potter forum where members attend Hogwarts in an all inclusive experience! Get through King's Cross, buy your supplies, gain an education in all your favourite subjects, then go on to become an auror, journalist, or maybe even a goblin.
Where will your journey lead you?

Be sorted!

Take classes

Play Quidditch


Write for the Quibbler

Compete at chess

Meet characters

Explore the castle, Ministry, and more!

Earn galleons from magical jobs

Receive personalised Random Events

Graduate and buy a house

Additional features include wanding, tournaments, patronus discovery, animagi training, shop-creation, themed summer camps, Wizard University, readable Quibbler and textbooks, and so much more. We have space for discussion, trivia, fan fictions, and role playing, as well as clubs on a variety of other interests, and general chat.

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