Year 44
May 27th - Aug. 5th

Week Six




Apparate to:

What Book Do You Want To Read?:

In the title box you should either:
  • Type nothing and click the arrow that appears; choose the title from the available list. Choosing 'Bookshelf' will take you to the forums.
  • Type the book's initials, all capitals. (e.g. WOAK)
  • Type the first word in the title that isn't 'The' or 'A', capitalised. (e.g. Heroes)
  • Purchase a book from Flourish & Blotts, then request the corresponding password in Obscurus Books and enter it here. Only books noted as 'viewable' can be accessed from this tool.

    The Broomstick Manual is free and does not need a password!

    If you are taken to a forum, you may need to enter the password again, but only the first time you access it.

    Can't remember the password? You can always favourite books once you've unlocked them :) but if you're on a different device, you can also choose 'Bookshelf' and leave the password field empty to be redirected to the forum collection instead.
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