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Year 40
May 28 - Aug. 6

Week Four




Apparate to:
Usernames must be:
* of reasonable length (less than 15 characters),
* appropriate in content (family-friendly site),
* readable (no letter jumbles), and
* original!
* Please also don't include the name of a Hogwarts house - it could get awkward if you're sorted elsewhere! ;)

You will be sent a request to change your name if it conflicts with any of the above, especially for being too long or too similar to an existing name (we see a lot based around Luna, Hermione or Malfoy. We suggest you don't!)

Once you register, you will be in the Validating group. Feel free to participate in any activities in King's Cross Station. In order to become an Underage student and purchase your supplies, you will need to pass Flying! Read the Student Guides for more details.

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